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Our Protected Magic Sauce

Our Magic Sauce

The digital facilitator lets everyone focus on working.
Our self-guided software helps the team focus on what is relevant now, invite the right people, limit the agenda items, use our templates, and optimize time usage while ensuring that the targets set are met. But the coolest thing is that everyone can focus 100% on working; our software handles the boring stuff, like sticking to the agenda, keeping time, and taking notes.

Small front upcoming
Small WOF screen
Small plan
Small join
Small indi

Working with our metaphoric and symbolic objects.

It sounds complicated, but it is very simple. Research has proven that we comprehend visually significantly faster than textually. Using metaphoric objects makes it easier for us to communicate our inner thoughts, makes us more creative, and, most importantly - makes it easier for others to understand us. In essence, we make everyone great communicators, at in-person or remote meetings.

kingand robot
smal revenue
small steeringwheel
Small buildings
Small lighthouse and binoculars
small Mountains
small Meninboat2
small collaboration
Small Tree blue
small Chef
small Vertical flashlight

Protected Solution

US Patent and PCT pending
epicMeets is trademark-protected


What our pilot customers have to say about our service

" I really liked the well-structured flow of discussion, the diversity of the visual prompts, and the evidence behind."

"The objects make the environment easier to communicate. Although they feel silly at first, once one starts using them, the objects help a lot and nothing feels silly anymore."

"I liked the timekeeping and structure, the forced different "language" on describing ideas."

"The metaphoric objects help present one's thoughts and also to get a hunch of how the other members are experiencing things with more concrete visuals."

"All members participated and were active."

"The whole team talking together, learning what others think, then working together to finalize with one idea"

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