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Neuroenhanced Collaboration platform

We give startups, scale-ups, and other innovation-intensive organizations user-friendly tools to execute innovation and development. epicMeets is the only inclusive platform that facilitates seamless collaboration and communication.

epicMeets is an innovative tool for enhancing and accelerating innovation and development work. It includes a powerful application and visualization tools designed to revolutionize self-facilitated meetings and workshops. 

epicMeets combines the best features of leading online collaboration and meeting automation services with a science-based visual language, giving startups and scaleups the edge needed to thrive. 


We are on a mission to help everyone
become great communicators

Our mission is to empower everyone with the ability to communicate effectively. We believe that communication is the key to success in every aspect of life, and we are committed to helping professionals master this essential skill. Join us on our journey towards becoming a great communicator and unlocking limitless possibilities for yourself and your team.



Problem: the way we work is broken.

The way we work needs to be fixed. We are all responsible for better planning and executing our meetings and workshops. In our meetings and workshops, we all have a role- some as active contributors, some as listeners, and some as leaders. We must find systematic ways to innovate, engage, and understand each other better, fostering a collaborative environment. At the end of our working meetings, we ensure follow-up actions and a clear share of responsibilities, reinforcing our commitment to the tasks. We need tools for everyone to have great meetings and workshop experiences where we all feel accountable and committed to the success of our work. 

EpicMeets is the answer.

EpicMeets was created to improve the quality of innovation meetings and communication. 
  • Our tool utilizes new neuroscience and behavioral psychology discoveries to activate our visual thinking, enhance our use of metaphors and storytelling, and improve our memory capacity.
  • Our service enhances problem definition, solution finding, innovation and ideation, clarifying issues, and co-developing ideas.
  • We help our users gain mutual understanding, communicate better, and ensure collaborative and democratic working while increasing inclusivity.
  • Our tools enable a participatory approach, including effortless meeting planning and documentation of meeting outcomes, and smartly guide progress.
  • The self-guided method uses an easy-to-use facilitating software with a built-in template library.

Meet some of our pilot customers
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